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Stem-Kine 60 Capsules

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Stem-Kine™ capsules are a patent-pending, proprietary blend of natural substances that stimulate your body’s ability to mobilize your own stem cells. Through clinical trials and research with leading universities, Stem-Kine™ has been proven to double the number of circulating stem cells for an extended period of time. A direct correlation exists between circulating stem cells and health and regenerative capabilities.

Categories: Immune Support, Stem Cell Support

Tags: anti-aging, circulatory health, heart health, Stem Cell Support, vein health

Stem-Kine is a patent-pending proprietary blend of nutrients that has been demonstrated to stimulate your body’s natural repair capabilities. On the forefront of modern science, it has been shown numerous times that a direct, positive correlation exists between the number of circulating stem cells and overall health and wellness. Stem-Kine has been clinically proven to increase the amount of circulating stem cells in the body for an extended period of time.1,2

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