Metabolic Maintenance

Red Yeast Rice (with CoQ10) - 120 CAPS

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We’ve combined two clinically proven ingredients into one powerful formula to support cardiovascular health. Red yeast rice has been used as an herbal medicine for centuries. Red yeast rice concentrate is well tolerated and has been shown to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and blood lipids. * The biochemical structure of CoQ10 makes it perfectly suited to transfer electrons for ATP production and to clean up free radicals. Because of its role in the mitochondria, CoQ10 supports energy production, and healthy function of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, and kidneys. 

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels*
  • Supports cardiovascular function*
  • Enhances energy production*
  • Reduces oxidative stress*
  • Well-tolerated formula*

What is Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10?

Red yeast rice (RYR) is the fermented product of rice on which red yeast (Monascus purpureus) has been grown. The use of RYR in China was first documented in the Tang Dynasty in 800 AD and has long been known to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and blood lipids [1].

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is a mitochondrial coenzyme that is essential for the production of ATP, which powers nearly every single cellular activity. It also has potent antioxidant activity. Because of its role in the mitochondria, CoQ10 supports energy production on the cellular level and therefore promotes healthy function of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, and kidneys. We carry only the highest quality, carefully manufactured CoQ10 from the USA or Japan.


How does Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10 Work? 

In China, consumption of RYR has been studied extensively in both animals and humans and has been linked to significant reductions in total cholesterol, triacylglycerol concentrations[1], and LDL-C levels, while increasing HDL-C levels in individuals with hyperlipidemia [2]. Reducing cholesterol concentrations has been shown to aid in both primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and complications related to atherosclerosis [1].

As CoQ10 is central to cellular energy processes, its importance is only more pronounced in cells with high energy requirements such as cardiac (heart) cells, which are extremely sensitive to CoQ10 deficiencies developed due to cardiac disease [3]. In addition, CoQ10 has antioxidative, free radical-scavenging, and vasodilation effects, all of which add to its credentials as a cardiovascular aid. It also inhibits LDL oxidation and thus the progression of atherosclerosis [3]. CoQ10 decreases proinflammatory cytokines and decreases blood viscosity, making this an ideal supplement for patients with either past or potential heart failure and coronary artery disease.

CoQ10 has also been found to be helpful in vertigo and Meniere-like syndrome by improving the immune system [3].


What is the Suggested Use for Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10?

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels. 
  • Supports cardiovascular function.
  • Enhances energy production. By starting at the mitochondrial level, an increase in ATP production makes more energy available for cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body. 
  • Reduces oxidative stress with powerful antioxidant activity.


Source Materials: Red yeast rice is derived from rice fermented with Monascus purpureus yeast. Metabolic Maintenance uses only natural, all-trans CoQ10 made by fermentation in the USA or Japan. Cellulose for capsules is derived from softwood tree pulp. All ingredients are vegan and non-GMO.


Allergens:  According to information provided by our suppliers, these capsules are free of the eight major allergens as identified by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA): Wheat (gluten), eggs, milk, soybeans, shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts.


Recommendations: Use as directed by a healthcare professional.


Precautions: Pregnant or lactating women and individuals taking prescription medications should consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

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