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Nerve Drainage Liquescence

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Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (4.9 mL)

Active Ingredients:
Adrenal 6X
Brain 6X
Facial nerves 6X
Hypothalamus 6X
Major nerves 6X
Myelin sheath 6X
Spinal nerves 6X
Phosphorus 8X
Agaricus muscarius 9X
Argentum nitricum 9X
Silicea 9X
Endorphins 12X
Lachesis mutus 12X
Malandrinum 12X
Mercurius solubilis 12X
Nux vomica 12X
Plumbum metallicum 12X
Stramonium 15X
Veratrum viride 15X

Base Ingredients: 20% ethanol, purified water.

For the temporary relief of weakness, tingling, numb, or prickling sensation, mild pain, or increased sensitivity.

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