Heavy Metal Detox Kit™ with Cytoflora® (Organic)

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The Heavy Metal Detox Kit™

The Heavy Metal Detox Kit™ includes all of the products used in the detox study. A significant reduction in levels of heavy metals and chemicals was measured in this study.* Adrenal support with Loving Energy and support of phase I & II detox pathways in the liver with Liver Life gave necessary organ support to mitigate any aggravation or reaction.* Decrease environmental toxins as much as 65% in six weeks with this organic kit.*

Our research shows that it is possible to significantly enhance heavy metal and chemical detoxification that is gentle on the body for both children and adults.*

The kit is available in three sizes depending upon weight. For individuals less than 40 lbs we recommend the small kit, for individuals between 41-75 lbs we recommend the medium kit, and for individuals over 75 lbs we recommend the large kit.

The "Small" Kit Includes:

1-NDF® 1oz
1-NDF Plus® 1oz
1-CytoFlora® 4oz
1-Liver Life® 2oz
1-Loving Energy® 2oz

The "Medium" Kit Includes:

1-NDF® 2oz
1-NDF Plus® 2oz
1-CytoFlora® 4oz
1-Liver Life® 4oz
1-Loving Energy® 4oz

The "Large" Kit Includes:

1-NDF® 4oz
1-NDF Plus® 4oz
1-CytoFlora® 4oz
1-Liver Life® 4oz
1-Loving Energy® 4oz

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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