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Attention Deficit Severe Drops

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Serving Size: 10 Drops

Active Ingredients:
Ginkgo biloba 3X
Brain 6X
Hypothalamus 6X
Kidney 6X
Liver 6X
Pancreas 6X
Pineal 6X
Argentum nitricum 30X
Coffea tosta 30X
Lycopodium clavatum 30X
Belladonna 60X
Phosphorus 60X
Ambra grisea 60X
Ambra grisea 100X
Baryta carbonica 60X
Baryta carbonica 100X
Baryta muriatica 60X
Baryta muriatica 100X
Bufo rana 60X
Bufo rana 100X
Hyoscyamus niger 60X
Hyoscyamus niger 100X
Medorrhinum 60X
Medorrhinum 100X
Stramonium 60X
Stramonium 100X
Tarentula hispana 60X
Tarentula hispana 100X
Thuja occidentalis 60X
Thuja occidentalis 100X
Tuberculinum 60X
Tuberculinum 100X
Veratrum album 60X
Veratrum album 100X
DNA insulin 60X
DNA insulin 100X
DNA insulin 200X

Base Ingredients: 10% ethanol, purified water, 8% vegetable glycerin (from soy).

For the temporary relief of moderate or more severe excitability, fidgeting, or lack of restraint or focus.

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