Long Term Care Facilities

Turn to Innovative Pharmaceuticals for long term care facilities. To learn more about our personal care services, contact us to consult with a member of our medical staff.

Innovative Pharmaceuticals has been providing pharmacy services to long term care facilities for over 2 years. During this time, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge in pain and symptom management for elderly patients. We are also able to provide advanced clinical support for the facility and its staff.

Cost Effective

We work with your needs to provide the most cost effective solutions for your facility. We offer recurring scheduled deliveries, as well as as-needed requests. In addition, we can offer short-cycle dispensing, which means you can determine what works before ordering more. If pricing is a concern, contact our team today to find out if we can find a solution that works for you.

Expert Advice

The pharmacists at Innovative Pharmaceuticals can provide your facility with everything that it needs from pharmaceuticals to equipment to forms for recording. Innovative Pharmaceuticals' long term care services include expert pain and symptom management, and we can also provide nurses & pharmacist consulting services to assist with compliance.

Why Long Term Care is Unique

Because of the special needs of the elderly patient, it is hard to imagine a hospice that could function without the services of a compounding pharmacist. Long Term Care patients often require the advanced technology that compounding has to offer.

When expertly applied, this technology can significantly reduce many symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and terminal agitation. The result is a comfortable and more dignified lifestyle. Traditional dosage forms are often not practical considering the patient's physical condition. They may also be difficult for the family member to administer.

In these cases, the compounding pharmacist can formulate alternate dosage forms, such as transdermal gels, concentrated liquids, or suppositories. Innovative Pharmaceuticals’ sterile compounding room also enables us to provide intravenous, injectable, ophthalmic, and inhalation preparations. Our consulting pharmacists are always happy to provide solutions for particularly challenging situations.

Contract Management/Billing Specialists

  • Minimize costs for house supply, non-covered drugs and pending Medicaid patients
  • Utilize generic medications with favorable billing AWP
  • Prior Authorization Specialists
  • Dedicated Billing Specialists assigned to your facility
  • Experienced Pharmacy Consultants promote cost effective, therapeutically appropriate medications
  • IV to Oral transitions where appropriate

Regulatory Compliance

  • Automated e-kits
  • Your choice of compliant packaging systems
  • Best practices education for staff
  • Monthly Med Cart Audits
  • Timely/Frequent deliveries
  • Infusion Specialists
  • CMS SNF PPS Final Rule provisions
Nursing Support
  • Nurse Consultant available for in-services
  • Monthly Med Cart Audits
  • Survey Assistance
  • Med Pass Reviews

Consultant Pharmacist Services

  • Monthly med reviews by Pharmacist Consultant
  • Pharmacist Consultant will attend quarterly QA meetings
  • Controlled Substances reviews


  • Automated e-kits
  • Multiple compliant packaging systems available
  • Pharmacy software application will interface with most EHR's
  • State-Of-The -Art pharmacy software that detects, drug interactions, allergies, over/under dosing
  • manage drug regimen and more
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  • Do you use technology to ensure accuracy of dispensed drugs? If so, please add bullet.

Additional Support

  • Equipment on Loan (Med carts, laptops, fax machines)
  • Needs Assessment upon Transition
  • Transitions of Care program for patients discharged to home
  • HomeMedical Equipment and supplies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Community Sponsorships

Customer Service

  • Pharmacist availability 24/7
  • Dedicated internal team for your facility
  • Free Delivery 24/7/365 including Holidays
  • Monthly/Bi-Monthly med cycle swaps-we do the cart change and verify per your MA